Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/15/2001 17:20:03
Michael Kukat drunkenly mumbled...
> Hi !
> VAXen never knew about TFTP to boot systems AFAIK. MOP is the way to boot them.

ok, i wasn't sure if they understood tftp or not, but i was sorta assuming that
even if they did, MOP would be a safer bet.

> Don't think about DECstations... VAXen are _VERY_ different.

how can i not think about them?  i'm sitting on a pile of them now as i type
this (couldn't find a place for them, needed a second chair, killed two birds
with one stone)

from the little i know, VAXen are closer to the PDP than the DECstation. they
at least share a bus, although there are some TURBOchannel VAXen out there, so
that isn't a good example. :)

> > i'll report success/failure later today sometime.
> Very fine.

total and 100% complete failure.  had nothing to do with the VAX, it looks like
the ftp proxy in IPFILTER is causing my firewall to poop out on me.  every
time i clicked on the "NetBSD-1.5/vax via FTP" link on the web site the
firewall would spew garbage out to the console, dump a crash image and reboot.

tried command line ftp, and i could get connected and get a couple directory
listings before the firewall fell over.  so that has to be fixed before i 
continue playing with the VAXen (i could use cvs or wget or something, but that
won't get my firewall fixed)

i'll let you know as soon as i get the 4000 booted, it may take a couple days
to get this firewall issue resolved, depends how fast i work at it (i'm new to
kernel crash dump analysis, so i'm slow)