Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/15/2001 01:34:16
Michael Kukat drunkenly mumbled...
> Hi !
> I know... You know these BA440-boxes (4000/400 is one)? I have 4 of them now,
> and i always moved them up 3 stairs by hand :) But my Cadmus 9600RC is a bit

i carried the BA440 up one flight of stairs by myself, and that was far enough.
the 19" rack i got help with, the UPS was going to be used until i realized
just how heavy it was and that we were probably not going to be able to carry
it up the stairs, plus there is a good chance it would have gone straight
through the floor into the dining room, and that woulda pissed my wife off. :)

> heavier, weights about 150 pounds... _THIS_ was a hard beast to carry on the
> arms :)

by yourself?  you're a tad stronger than i am, 100 pounds is about my limit.

> It's just a temporary thing, this server is my home file server with the
> dialup line any dynamic dns. the "final" kernel goes up to
> But this version is not completed, KA53 support will be added, and then the
> kernel gets more "official" for me.

cool, just thought i'd offer.

> DSSI is very cool, much prettier than dumb SCSI :) Ok, but you're right, SCSI
> is a bit more common. I even have IPI here, in my Sun 4/470... _THIS_ is evil.

IPI, man, haven't though about that in a while.  i had quite a few IPI drives
that got destroyed in the garage fire that claimed a 11/730 and some sun2 and
some sun3 hardware.  was interesting to say the least. :)

> With a good fileserver (i boot off a P100 running FreeBSD, and it works
> really fine, and booting off my Solaris7 box was always very fast), you can
> have fun. Use DHCP/NFS for booting, as this is the easiest way IMHO. TFTP is
> a bit... old-fashioned :)

how do you skip tftp?  how do you get the kernel on the machine in the first
place?  tftp may be old fashioned, but it serves it purpose, small enough that
you can very easily fit a tftp client in ROM.

i've got a DHCP/BOOTP server in place, all i need to do is re-enable my NFS
server (i try not to use NFS if i can help it, it just makes life more pleasant)

anyway, it's really late, i've been beating myself up physically for the last
two days, i should really go to bed.  wish i had a 19" shelf so i could start
putting stuff in the 19" rack we just lugged up the stairs, would give me a
nice excuse not to go to bed anyway. :)

glad i wimped out at the last minute and chose not to lug the two DECraid+
racks up the stairs, they are a good foot+ taller than this one, and still have
the distro blocks in them, and those 20 pound 3-phase power cables. :)

good night,