Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/15/2001 07:10:47
Hi !

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, Brian Hechinger wrote:
> i wish drunken was my excuse.  i am definitely tired after all that heavy
> lifting. :)  after looking at Best Power's web page, the UPS i just moved weighs
> in at a whopping 875 pounds!!!  -200 for the controller (guess) the battery box
> is therefor 675 pounds by itself.  i definitely believe that after moving it.

I know... You know these BA440-boxes (4000/400 is one)? I have 4 of them now,
and i always moved them up 3 stairs by hand :) But my Cadmus 9600RC is a bit
heavier, weights about 150 pounds... _THIS_ was a hard beast to carry on the
arms :)

> i've been following your posts very closely in preparation of getting the /400
> in here and running.  so i'll probably be ok.  if you want a better place to
> store your work, i have a 384Kbps line and an ftp/http server.

It's just a temporary thing, this server is my home file server with the
dialup line any dynamic dns. the "final" kernel goes up to
But this version is not completed, KA53 support will be added, and then the
kernel gets more "official" for me.

> that stinks about the SHAC, since i don't have any QBus stuff here at the 
> moment.  guess i'll just have to start digging around and seeing what i can
> find.  although i do want to run VMS on one of these things, so maybe i'll put
> the DSSI disks in one box and install VMS, and get a QBus SCSI controller for
> the other two machines since SCSI disks are _MUCH_ easier to find that DSSI
> disks are.

DSSI is very cool, much prettier than dumb SCSI :) Ok, but you're right, SCSI
is a bit more common. I even have IPI here, in my Sun 4/470... _THIS_ is evil.

> i'll at least get them netbooted at some point just to play with them. :)

With a good fileserver (i boot off a P100 running FreeBSD, and it works
really fine, and booting off my Solaris7 box was always very fast), you can
have fun. Use DHCP/NFS for booting, as this is the easiest way IMHO. TFTP is
a bit... old-fashioned :)


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in Windows, you sometimes see the real scene, when the fakes go out for lunch.