Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/14/2001 16:39:29
Michael Kukat drunkenly mumbled...
> Ok,
> as my VAX 4000/400 is just untaring base.tgz to my hard disk, i would say i
> give this kernel out for testing. All 4000/400 users should just test it, and
> the 4000/500 users should report me, if this kernel "accidentally" works on
> this machine also. 4000/500 will be reported as 4000/400, it it works. This
> doesn't really matter, as the machines are nearly the same.

i picked up the three 4000 boxes yesterday, and here is what i have:

4000/400 small DSSI disk, TK50
4000/300 4x1GB DSSI disks
4000/300 obviously cluster-booted, no disks, just blanks.

the only cards in the machines are a CPU card and a single RAM board.  the guy
wasn't sure, but they all have at least 32MB, one might have 64MB, i'll have to

i'm gonna probably give each machine one 1GB disk, and probably put the leftover
1GB in the /400, that's the long term plan anyway.  for now i just pulled the
/400 and the /300 with the disks into the house to fart around with.  the
/400 is a rack mounter (i've got a rack to put it in) and the /300s are each
in a BA440.  i also have a disk box, also rack mounter, that came with the /400
probably out of the same installation, but they raped the disks out of it first.

oy, am i tired.  i just picked up a lot of stuff, one of which is a 10KVA ups
from Best Power, so it's probably like 15 minutes runtime, 30 minutes half load
runtime (since that seems to be what everything else they sell is) and it's got
a battery back that weighs easily a couple hundred pounds (120V, 200A, DC) that
my brother and i just brute-forced into the storage locker since the truck was
too long to get the lift gate sticking into the locker (they don't leave enough
room between those rows of lockers, especially to be trying to swing a 24'
truck around)

anyway, i've rambled on enough now, i should hopefully be attempting to boot
the 4ks later today.  we'll see how things go.