Subject: More booting progress...
To: None <>
From: Paul Duncan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/14/2001 14:00:48
Okay, so it turns out I had the wrong hostname  in my bootparams file.

So now what happens is this (on the console):

    > boot
    Trying BOOTP
    bootp: no reply
    Using IP address:
    myip:  (
    root addr= path =/
    arp: no response for

Then it halts. Oh, BTW, this only happens after I have typed boot for
the second time at the NetBSD/VAX bootstrap program. The first time
around it still complains about the whoami. The Linux box is still

    Returning kyle   (none)

And I'm still a bit worried about the (none) bit.

Any ideas anyone?

~~~~ (so close, but yet so far away!)