Subject: KA53 Tech manual, someone?
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/14/2001 12:53:42
Hi !

ok, the VAX 4000/105A (and maybe other 4000/10x-models) is just a very small
step away from running NetBSD. Here, it already runs it, but not the way i
would call world-usable :) I habe just a little small problem:

KA53 uses DZ at ibus, like VAXstation do. As it is really using ibus, and has
a QBus attached to this ibus, i had to rewrite the dz driver used in vsbus to
work on ibus. Now i have some little problems with my interrupts here. This
is what happens, when i boot the beast:

root on
root file system type: nfs

And here it hangs. I just edited rc.conf and inserted /usr/sbin/inetd in front
of any output, and now can telnet and use the machine, everything seems ok.
Just console output is broken. I think, this can only be an interrupt
problem, as my probing for the interrupt vector also doesn't seem to get any
interrupt from the DZ hardware.

So, is anybody out there having the tech manual of a VAX 4000/100 series model
and having a bit of time to look for some special things concerning the DZ
hardware in this machine?
Effort will be honoured with a running NetBSD-kernel :)

Thanks... and have a nice Sunday.


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