Subject: Re: It lives!
To: NetBSD port-vax <>
From: Robert F Schaefer <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/13/2001 20:08:36
On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> > > Does anyone know how to do the VMS equiv. of 'cd /D && ls -l | less' where
> > > `D' is the literal mount point?  I hate to blow away a whole disk without
> > > seeing what's on it first.
> > 
> > DIR xx:[000000] gives you the first two parts. 
> almost.  it turns out "DIR ddan:[*...]" does it recursively, whereas
> "DIR ddan:[000000]" only shows you the top level.

[000000...] also recurses thru the tree.  I don't quite have my thumb on
subdirs yet, but I think it's something like [] for
/foo/bar.  Subdirs show up in the directory list as `FOO.DIR' and `BAR.DIR'. 
IIRC they had versions, too.  I wonder if they can be copied like a regular

> > Oh, and xx: should be replaced by whatever device you want to look at.
> yes.  and it should be a real device rather than a rooted logical name, else
> the results are bizarre.

VMS doesn't have a unified filespace, does it?  More along the lines of
(Uhg, but it shows what I mean!) C: and D:, right?

My VAX mounted dka200 on `D', butI have to type dir dka200[000000] to get
a directory.  If I have to specify the device to get to a file, why bother
with a mount point?  Is there something here that I'm missing?


I know there's an FTPable kernel image out there with support for m90 SCSI,
but the changes haven't made it into the release kernel on the distribution
CD, have they?  A brief glance at dka200 indicates it's mostly old
datafiles.  I'll probably zap 'em, I couldn't in good conscience do too
much with that stuff-- the place that `donated' the VAX to me might be
clueless about sensitive data, but it was in a dumpster behind a fence...

ja ne