Subject: Re: It lives!
To: NetBSD port-vax <>
From: Paul A Vixie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/13/2001 09:50:34
> > Does anyone know how to do the VMS equiv. of 'cd /D && ls -l | less' where
> > `D' is the literal mount point?  I hate to blow away a whole disk without
> > seeing what's on it first.
> DIR xx:[000000] gives you the first two parts. 

almost.  it turns out "DIR ddan:[*...]" does it recursively, whereas
"DIR ddan:[000000]" only shows you the top level.

> Oh, and xx: should be replaced by whatever device you want to look at.

yes.  and it should be a real device rather than a rooted logical name, else
the results are bizarre.