Subject: KA675/KA680 differences
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/13/2001 00:12:15

ok, i'm currently working on a port for the KA675, ans due to some effects i
already saw on the KA680, i took the KA680-TM and the KA675 board and compared
the nice picture with all those chips on it. And i didn't want to believe my
eyes... the boards seem identical. I didn't screw off the heatsink of the CPU
(too lazy to get the tools from the basement :), but all other chips and their
places are the same as shown in the KA680 TM.

Could it be, that the only difference between the VAX 4000/400 and the 4000/500
is the CPU chip? (KA675 uses Mariah, KA680 uses NVAX). Would be not that bad,
so i have a physical machine here to do the 675 port and the 680 should work
nearly "automagically". (Yes, the donator of the TM is waiting for a kernel :)

Does anybody know about these 2 boards? (And does anybody have a hot hint for
some strange problems looking to me like a bit more complicated interrupt
handling than on VAXstations and earlier VAXen, especially KA670).

Ok, i have lots of boards to scan for the visual field guide the weekend. I
think the DIV32 pictures could be interesting, this card doesn't seem to be
very common...


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