Subject: Re: It lives!
To: Robert F Schaefer <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/12/2001 14:37:14
At 04:28 PM 1/12/2001 -0500, Robert F Schaefer wrote:

>?? C?? CRPT - Corrupt bit is set
>until I hold down the reset button.  I get:
>?? CRPT - Reenter bit clr

Interesting, I've not seen that before.

>and after a second:

(I get a left pointing triangle on the VT340)

>KA49-A V1.0-006-V4.0
>?? 001   2     LCSPX  0512
>?02 EXT HLT
>   PC= 2005CD81 PSL= 041F0000

That says you don't have a monitor hooked up to it. EXT HLT is typically 
that the system has seen a 'break' signal.

> >>> ^^?;^A }^^?;^A3        [<- I didn't type anything here, just hit enter]

loose wires or a flaky console connection. Maker sure you don't have any 
dirt and dust wedged in the MMJ hole.

>?23 ILL CMD
> >>>
>and now I can
> >>> boot dka300
>which starts up node DENNIS:
>    VAX/VMS Version V5.5-2   Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0

When you type you don't weird characters right?

><snip startup, including appletalk shares(!)>
>One other funny thing, I get:
> >>>test 9
>     9          NI    ?? 001 0048
>but the next time I try it, it'll be fine.  What's NI, and should I worry
>about it being flakey?

That is your "Network Interface" (aka the ethernet connector on the back) 
Either it isn't hooked up or your MAU isn't providing carrier to the 
interface. (Putting an ethernet loopback or a 10BT tranciever on this will 
cure it)

>Does anyone know how to do the VMS equiv. of 'cd /D && ls -l | less' where
>`D' is the literal mount point?  I hate to blow away a whole disk without
>seeing what's on it first.

Two things:
         1) If you have managed to log in as SYSTEM you should preserve the
            licenses before you blow it away, that way you can re-install VMS
            later and have it still work. Contact me off list for the license
            preservation procedure (it isn't secret, just lengthy)
         2) The VMS system has a _wonderful_ help system, nearly the whole 
wall of
            books seems to be hidden in there. HELP will get you started.
         3) Some unix to VMS equivalents:
                 cd <directory>                  SET DEFAULT <directory>
                 ls                              DIR
                 less                            (use the hold screen 
button :-) or /PAGE on some commands
                                                 or SET TERMINAL 
<pagelength> (look that one up in help
                                                 I always forget the exact 
                 cd ..                           SET DEF [-]
                 /foo/bar/baz                    DEVICE:[FOO.BAR.BAZ]

>Thanks again for all your help, Chuck!

You now have to pay off your debt by helping two more people, that way one 
act of help gets to everyone in the whole world in 33 iterations. :-)