Subject: It lives!
To: NetBSD port-vax <>
From: Robert F Schaefer <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/12/2001 16:28:45
*Finally* got the RJ45 <-> DB9 adapter wired correctly, thanks to Chuck
McManis.  (I don't know what I was thinking of, the first time I tried. 
Wouldda had a better chance just jamming pins in randomly.  ;)  Even
managed to boot it up to VAX VMS 5.5-2!!!  There'a a little problem when I
furst turn 'er on-- I get:

?? C?? CRPT - Corrupt bit is set

until I hold down the reset button.  I get:

?? CRPT - Reenter bit clr

and after a second:


KA49-A V1.0-006-V4.0

?? 001   2     LCSPX  0512

  PC= 2005CD81 PSL= 041F0000

>>> ^^?;^A }^^?;^A3        [<- I didn't type anything here, just hit enter]


and now I can

>>> boot dka300

which starts up node DENNIS:

   VAX/VMS Version V5.5-2   Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0

<snip startup, including appletalk shares(!)>

One other funny thing, I get:

>>>test 9

    9          NI    ?? 001 0048

but the next time I try it, it'll be fine.  What's NI, and should I worry
about it being flakey?

Does anyone know how to do the VMS equiv. of 'cd /D && ls -l | less' where
`D' is the literal mount point?  I hate to blow away a whole disk without
seeing what's on it first.

Thanks again for all your help, Chuck!