Subject: Re: More raining and pouring VAXenbits!
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/12/2001 13:35:16
> > inside the tape changers is what appears to be one of the later
> > 4 gig dat transports.  I am hoping they are salveageable, too.
>   Sheeeee-IT!  If those are SCSI DLT4000 7-tape jukes, they're very
> nice, and are a pleasure to use.  I sold a pair of 'em about six
> months ago to a reseller for about $600/ea.  Looks like you scored
> quite a deal.

That appears to be what they are.  I look inside and see what looks
like a TK70 but with too much writing/etc all over the front of it.
There is a key control and a pusbutton panel and room for maybe 6 or 7
tapes.  The housing is 1/4 inch aluminum plate, all around.  Heavy!

Hmm, maybe I better not try to pull the internal tape drive out of
it, and see what a reseller might do for me.  That pair of drives
would pay for my VAXenhabit for a whole year!  (:+}}, and still
me me with 12 drives to hang off this weekend.  That
was a good deal!

> > None of the PeeCee types seem to have an interest in it during
> > the Friday morning dumpster diving feeding frenzy at the MooU
> > surplus pit.....(:+}}...
>   ...that makes it that much better for people who know about real
> computers!

It is such fun to watch the PeeCee types open the door on the 7000
cabinet, look inside, withdraw with that ashen puzzled slightly
askew visage, and then they slowly close the door and walk away.

> > But, how would I explain hauling it into the basement under the
> > wive's furrowed browe......(:+{{...

I forewarned her that I would be bringing home ``a few disk drives
that I needed'' today, and then see how it goes....  The storageworks
cabinet will sit in the back of the van until the dust, ah, er, settles...

>   Hmm.
> > Anyway, who has power input requirements and cooling requirements
> > for the CPU chassis on the VAX 7000 line?
>   No idea offhand...

If anyone does, know, holler.  There are two power lines going to
the CPU cabinet, and they look like No. 6 B&S guage cabling.
That would tend to indicate about a 10-20 amp max rating, and
I though I saw somewhere that the power controller regulators
were 48vdc, but I really do need to find out what the cpu backplane
chassis takes.  That would be fun for some NetBSD porting... on a
real high speed VAXentoy.