Subject: Re: More raining and pouring VAXenbits!
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/12/2001 12:56:29
> > Luck was with me today in the dumpster diving pit, and I got half
> > a VAX 7000.... maybe the other half next week.....(:+}}...
>   Jeeeeezus Bob...the last 7000 I got my hands on, I paid a few grand
> for it.  And I sold it for a few grand more.  And it wasn't that long
> ago.
>   Good luck getting the rest of it!

Well, you know me an orphan VAXenbits.....(:+}}...  The storageworks
cabinet was the first half, and I am hoping enough is there to be of
use.  The main cpu cabinet is slightly dinged on one side, from the
fork lift or maybe it was toppled over.  I hope it was not majorly
damaged.  I got the storage works cabinet full of drives and tape
changers, for 45 bucks.  I wanted mainly the drive bays, but, looking
inside the tape changers is what appears to be one of the later
4 gig dat transports.  I am hoping they are salveageable, too.
The 7000 basically looks OK internally, although the boot cdrom
may be crinkled a bit where the cabinet was dinged.  IFF all the
bits are still in usable shape, I might try to see if they can
be shoehorned into the good storageworks rack.  What are the
power requirements for the CPU backplane assembly as to power
and cooling?  It looks like 48VDC, at maybe 10 amps?  IFF that
is all it is, I could run it off my 48V wet cell line, and not
need the 220 HV power.....(:+}}...  It would also fit in a normal
rack cabinet rather than the monster 7000 rack thing.  That would
be one humdinger for the basement VAX pit.....(:+}}..... If that
would not be doable, I will probably part it out for folks in
the NetBSD VAX community.  I am expecting I can probably get the
main CPU cabinet for maybe 35 buckeroos de realme, next week.
None of the PeeCee types seem to have an interest in it during
the Friday morning dumpster diving feeding frenzy at the MooU
surplus pit.....(:+}}...

But, how would I explain hauling it into the basement under the
wive's furrowed browe......(:+{{...

Anyway, who has power input requirements and cooling requirements
for the CPU chassis on the VAX 7000 line?