Subject: Re: MV3100 Memory Upgrade
To: Matt London <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/10/2001 08:10:36
You did put them in the correct way right? I know the first time I saw the 
memory boards for an M10 I figured they plugged in so that they hung over 
the main board, only to find out later that no, they are supposed to point 
the otherway :-)

Hope they work out!


At 03:49 PM 1/10/01 +0000, Matt London wrote:
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>   I just got a couple of 4M upgrades for my MV3100 m10e (yes I know you
>can only fit one at a time, but the boards were free).
>   Not having any documentation for either machine or upgrades, I thought
>"drop em in and turn it on" only if I do that - nothing happens. No
>console output, and the status LEDs on the back all come on, and don't
>   Is there some jumper or something I have to change - or are both boards
>dead? They're marked 54-19051-AA  5019050-01 A1-P2 if that's of any
>   On another note, if anyone knows where I can find some documentation for
>the machine - I'd be most greatful.
>Bye for now,
>        Matt
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