Subject: SPXgt
To: None <>
From: A. Wik <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/10/2001 02:50:43
I just acquired a SPXgt card for my VS4000/60, and it
seems to be at least partially functional.  However,
about 50% of the time I power up the machine I don't
get any picture.  "TEST SP3D" always prints this:
?? 001  2   SP3D  0032
     84 FAIL
What does that mean?

Q2.  There's a socketed oscillator - 119 MHz IIRC,
what is this for?  Changing the refresh rate?
If so, how high will it go (safely)?

Q3.  I have another board, with the string "COUGAR SPX"
on it.  It won't fit, however.  It has a female Wide-
SCSI-like connector, but with more pins.  What sort of
machine does this card belong in?  I know Cougar is
the nickname of the VS4000/90, but I was under the
impression that this machine uses the same kind of
video board connector as the model 60 (Mariah).