Subject: Re: AUI-BNC
To: None <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/09/2001 09:36:39
Well, I might be able to work something backwards out - I've got a genuine DEC
DELNI in perfect working order. That's an 8-port AUI Hub, in case you don't know.
I'll let it go for shipping plus $50. Then you only need one AUI-BNC transciever,
and you can plug all your vaxen directly into the hub.

> Greg Ingram drunkenly mumbled...
> >
> > >   On another note, I'm desparatly in need of AUI->BNC or AUI->UTP boxes,
> > > if anyone knows of a cheap supply :&)

 -J. Buck Caldwell