Subject: Re: Ethernet MAC address for MicroVax II
To: None <>
From: Paul Duncan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/07/2001 23:53:38
Chuck McManis wrote:

> If you have the 3300 handy, the easiest way is to pull the DEQNA or DELQA
> card out of the MVII, plug it into the first open slot on the MV3300 turn
> on the MV3300 and type
>          SHO ETHER
> at the chevron prompt. The network card will show up as XQA0.
> If you are planning on netbooting then just start mopd in "debug" mode
> (using -d) and tell the MicroVAX II to boot (B XQA0) and then go back to
> the place where mopd is running and note the MAC address of the person who
> just asked to be booted.

On the two DELQA cards I have, the MAC address is on a little sticker.