Subject: Re: Ethernet MAC address for MicroVax II
To: Ben <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/07/2001 15:22:41
If you have the 3300 handy, the easiest way is to pull the DEQNA or DELQA 
card out of the MVII, plug it into the first open slot on the MV3300 turn 
on the MV3300 and type
         SHO ETHER
at the chevron prompt. The network card will show up as XQA0.

If you are planning on netbooting then just start mopd in "debug" mode 
(using -d) and tell the MicroVAX II to boot (B XQA0) and then go back to 
the place where mopd is running and note the MAC address of the person who 
just asked to be booted.

There is also a way to use the 'E' (examine) command to look at a magic 
address in the Q-bus I/O space and have it tell you what the ethernet 
address is, but that one I always forget for some reason. If someone 
recalls it and sends it to me I'll put it on the house of vax pages.


At 01:38 PM 1/7/01 -0800, Ben wrote:
>Hi folks, I powered up my MVII yesterday. Compared to the MV3300, it
>makes a racket with its fans:-)
>Anyway, can anyone tell me how to figure out the MAC address of the
>ethernet controller? I want to set up my DHCP and netboot servers to
>netboot this thing.
>show device(s) doesn't work on this thing.