Subject: Re: Any spare Qbus cdrom cards for an RRD42 drive around?
To: Jeff McMahill <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/05/2001 13:47:28
> Somewhere I have a "tape only" SCSI controller with complete
> documentation.  For normal operation, it just emulates TMSCP,
> but it also has a SCSI pass through programming interface.
> At some point I tried writing a driver, but could never
> get a response from the card.
> Some day I'll dig it up and work on it some more...

If you or anyone ever wants to part with a tmscp qbus card that
might drive my old Cipher 9 track scsi reel decks on the MVII,
do holler.  That is, if it don't break babyvax's piggy bank.
I thing some 9 track reels whirring on the ol' MVII might
be downright fun.....(:+}}.....

I also have an IBM differential 9 track deck, and I did read
somewhere in the qbuscard.txt file, or whatever that list is,
that someone did actually make a differential scsi tmscp qbus
card.  Since few folks are likely to have a need for that particular
card (since even fewer folks probably have working differential
9 track scsi tape decks), it might be logical to try to find
that mystical card, if one still exists, too.

Any pointers thereto, be most graciously appreciated...etc.