Subject: boot times, another datapoint
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/04/2001 15:45:51
I picked up another KA660 so that I could use it for DSSI development and 
as I've got the K640 all set up, and they use the same memory, I decided to 
try a test and time the boot times.

The system config is as follows:
	BA213 Pedestal containing:
		KA640		(MV3400 CPU,4MB RAM, 1K cache, 2.7VUPS)
		MS650-BA 	(16 MB)
		MS650-BA 	(16 MB)
		CXYA16	 	(16 port async mux)
		CQD-440/TM 	(MSCP SCSI Interface)
		TQK70		(TK70 Tape controller)
		UC07		(Emulex SCSI Interface)

This boots the Generic kernel from 1.5 Release in 5:24 (5 minutes, 24 seconds)

Then I replaced the KA640 with the KA660 (VAX 4000/200 CPU, no RAM, 6K 
Cache, 5VUP) and timed it again, this time 01:45 (1 minute, 45 seconds)

So not quite twice the CPU but less than half the boot time. I'm wondering 
if the cache is the difference. (1K vs 6K ?)