Subject: Re: Dilog 703 SCSI controller question
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/03/2001 20:41:05
On  3 Jan, NetBSD Bob wrote:

> Some folks say that controller only handles two drives, yet mine
> has ports for 3 data cables! says:
            DQ696       Q   Dilog 2 x ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            (supports Fujitsu 2333) says:
	Winchester Disk Controller 20 Mhz ESDI I/O.
	DQ696          MSCP, 2 drives, Dual Height.
Possibly this is a connector for some manufacturer test equipment. My
DQ686 has similar plugs. 

As we are talking about Dilog controllers and manuals: Has anyone a
manual for the DQ686? Mine is working fine in my MV III+ with 4 disks,
but I don't know how to change the CSR address. 

> Which is preferrable, a) remove
> the console cable white blocking insert pin, or b) remove a pin
> on the controller header so it properly mates up with the MVII
> cable?  Any suggestions are appreciated.  
a) as it is non destructive.