Subject: Re: Dilog 703 SCSI controller question
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/03/2001 11:11:10
> I think you will have to go in to the setup of the controller and
> configure it. At the Dilog SQ706A there is a 10 pin connector with a
> serial interface on it. You con speak to the controler if you plug the
> console cable from the CPU board in to this connector and power up the
> machine. 

Speaking of Dilog controllers, I am trying to set up a Dilog DQ696
esdi controller with more than one drive.  Can anyone make me a copy
of a DQ696 manual?  That would help immensely.  I will be more than
happy to pass more copies along to anyone that needs them.  Ditto
for the SQ706 manual that one of our crewe made for me (THANKS!).

Some folks say that controller only handles two drives, yet mine
has ports for 3 data cables!  Anyone know what that extra port is
for.  Also the console port on it has all 10 pins, and won't mate
up with the MVII console cable.  Which is preferrable, a) remove
the console cable white blocking insert pin, or b) remove a pin
on the controller header so it properly mates up with the MVII
cable?  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Anyone have the rom MVII
incantations to bring up the normal MVII console on the DQ696 rom?