Subject: Re: Dilog 703 SCSI controller question
To: Brian Chase <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/03/2001 11:00:26
> > > I plugged it in, powered on the vax (MV3300) and did a "show devices".
> > > That did not show the card at all. "show qbus" showed a
> > > TK50/TK70/KQSAetc controller.
> > I think you will have to go in to the setup of the controller and
> > configure it. At the Dilog SQ706A there is a 10 pin connector with a
> > serial interface on it. You con speak to the controler if you plug the
> > console cable from the CPU board in to this connector and power up the
> > machine.

You may have to configure it, especially if you want to load up more than
the usual one or two drives.  I had to do mine to allow 4 drives.  It will
handle 7 drives total, and the drives can be SCSI disks or CDroms.
> And also make sure you've got it the controller slotted into a valid
> position on the Q-bus.  I'm not familliar with the organization of the bus
> on the MV3300, but someone here will be.  There can be no gaps in the bus
> between devices.  If there are, all the devices past the gap won't show up
> on the bus.  Before you go playing withh reconfiguring the controller,

Yes, on the MV3300, use only the top A/B segments of the slots.  It is
a non-serpentine backplane.

I converted my MV3300 to an MVII KA630 box over the weekend to run it as
a spare 4.3BSD box.  Works GREAT!  Thanks Chuck or Isildur (forget whom,
offhand) that passed the tidbits along to me.

Now all I need to find for the crate are two of the 5 pin dssi to 4 pin
TK50 conversion cables, and three of those plain plastic blank dual
height support cards.  Anyone got any spares of those critters?
If not, I will surgically attack the machine and snitch some cable
ends from a defunct PCcrate, and see how good my plastic scrap pile is.

Say, I was looking at the cabling harnesses in the MV3300, and they
sure look like they are close enough to scsi that i could use them
for a scsi cable run and save having to make up my own.  The only
gotcha might be the HD50 connector end for outboard devices.  That
is folding a strange way that does not look exactly scsi, but it
might be, not sure....  Can those harnesses be used as scsi cabling
for an SQ706 type of controller in the MV3300 dssi crate?