Subject: Re: IEEE FP on VAX? [was Re: Trouble by compiling/configuring Perl5
To: None <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/02/2001 13:13:46
On Tue, 2 Jan 2001 wrote:

> > How would one go about doing an IEEE FP emulator for the VAX?  Obviously
> > this wouldn't be ideal in terms of performance but it would be useful.
> > Lots of FP dependent software assumes that you're using IEEE FP.  IMHO
> > this is more of a flaw in the software that makes that assumption.
> >
> > Maybe emulation is the wrong approach.  Would it be better to provide a
> > compile time library for programs wich need IEEE FP support?
> 	For what it's worth, this issue was confronted by the DEC VMS group
> when they were considering porting Java to VAX/VMS.  They wound up not doing
> the port because the felt that they could not get around the FP issue with
> acceptable performance.

Well, I would expect as much from those weenies in the VMS camp.  They're
a bunch of spineless wussies.

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