Subject: Re: Dilog 703 SCSI controller question
To: None <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/02/2001 13:08:48
On Mon, 1 Jan 2001 wrote:
> On 31 Dec, Ben wrote:

> > I plugged it in, powered on the vax (MV3300) and did a "show devices".
> > That did not show the card at all. "show qbus" showed a
> > TK50/TK70/KQSAetc controller.

> I think you will have to go in to the setup of the controller and
> configure it. At the Dilog SQ706A there is a 10 pin connector with a
> serial interface on it. You con speak to the controler if you plug the
> console cable from the CPU board in to this connector and power up the
> machine.

And also make sure you've got it the controller slotted into a valid
position on the Q-bus.  I'm not familliar with the organization of the bus
on the MV3300, but someone here will be.  There can be no gaps in the bus
between devices.  If there are, all the devices past the gap won't show up
on the bus.  Before you go playing withh reconfiguring the controller,

Unless you're positive you've got the card in the right slot, I'd suggest
posting an ASCII diagram to the list outlining how your boards are

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