Subject: Refining the Olden MicroVAX board position issues.....
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/24/2000 12:34:59
OK, thanks to one of the listmembers, I now have the MVII critter in
good usable NetBSD shape.  Thanks for the 4M ram and DEQNA card.

But, for the sake of discussion, I probably need to do some fine tuning
of the board positions, perhaps....not sure though.

The board layout is:

SQ706A     DEQNA     DHV11A    BUSGRANT     4M RAM     4M RAM     KA630
(dual)     (dual)    (quad)


This is probably not optimal, but seems to work on NetBSD-1.5A1.

Where should the SQ706A, DEQNA, and TKQ50 cards best go?

Should the TKQ50 be moved over where the DEQNA is and the DEQNA
moved down under it?

Should the TKQ50 be moved over under the DEQNA?

Does the Grant card need to be there, i.e., can it be removed and
the others slide over one slot?  I think that is the last of the
cpu/ram slots, but, can say the ethernet card be dropped in there
in the top of that slot?  The bottom is not usable?

I saw in an openvms wizard note that the order should be:

     tape - disk - serial - network - ram - cpu

Also, the bus is serpentine where the non-cpu/ram cards go.

As it now is set up, it runs:

     tape - disk - network - serial - grant - ram - cpu

As I understand it, the disk card (Dilogic scsi) has a low IRQ
of 5 so can go at the tail end of the chain.  That might suggest
that I could/should move the cards around some.  The serial is
mostly only going to be used as a printer port, with an occasional
terminal maybe.  It could go even at the end, assuming it will work
that far back, or be removed.  Thus:

     disk - serial - tape - network - grant - ram - cpu

might be usable.  Would this work?

Also, can I drop in another 4M ram board (assuming I can scrounge
another one up somewhere) where the grant card is, if I make up a
slightly longer ram bus cable with an extra connector?

This is turning out to be a fun little machine, although it does
feel a bit like a 16mhz 386 box, on the disk I/O.  Ethernet gives
me around 150kb/s throughput which is not all that bad on a DEQNA.

I did notice that NetBSD-1.5A1 was significantly slower than the
NetBSD-1.4.1 I had originally installed.  Is there any offhand
reason why this is happening (kernel bloat or such).  I would
suppose that regenerating a tight kernel with only the needed
features would speed it back up some?

Can someone recommend a good tight config file?  Based upon
the Smidgen thing, I come up with something like this:

include		"arch/vax/conf/std.vax"
options 	"VAX630"	# MV II
maxusers	8
#options	GATEWAY
options         INET
file-system 	FFS
#file-system 	NFS
file-system 	PROCFS
#options 	NFSSERVER
#options 	NFS_BOOT_BOOTP,NFS_BOOT_DHCP	# Use bootp <> dhcp
#@ options 	NFS_BOOT_BOOTPARAM	# Use the Sun way for netbooting.

Use the above NFS if needed else remove it for the home box for size
and speed.

options 	SYSVMSG
options 	SYSVSEM
options 	SYSVSHM

What is the pro and con of using or deleting the above options on an MVII
running NetBSD?

# Kernel(s) to compile
config          netbsd root on ? type ?
mainbus0	at root
cpu0		at mainbus0	# Only one CPU so far.
uba0		at mainbus0	# MicroVAXen only have QBUS.
uda0		at uba?	csr 0172150	# UDA50/RQDX?
uda1		at uba?	csr 0160334
mscpbus*	at uda?
mtc0		at uba? csr 0174500	# Tape MSCP ctlr
mscpbus*	at mtc?
ra*		at mscpbus? drive?	# MSCP disk
rx*		at mscpbus? drive?	# MSCP floppy
mt*		at mscpbus? drive?	# MSCP tape
qe0		at uba? csr 0174440	# DEQNA/DELQA

Which of the following serials are needed for a DHV11, and
which are not needed?

dhu0		at uba? csr 0160440	# DHU-11
dz0		at uba? csr 0160100	# DZ-11
dl0		at uba? csr 0176500	# DL-11

Which of the pseudo devices are really needed and which can
be removed in a minimal MVII?

pseudo-device   loop	1
pseudo-device   pty	48
pseudo-device	bpfilter 8	# Not supported by de yet.
pseudo-device	ppp	2
pseudo-device	vnd	4

Anything else I should be worrying about in a minimal MVII config?

The goal is to make it as lean and mean as can be done, and see just
what I can squeeze out of the MVII.  The only needs are possibly a
serial printer capability and a second ethernet port for a possible
gateway use.  Other than that, I want to keep it as minimal as possible.