Subject: vax: MV2000 sh stuck in anonget2
To: None <,>
From: Olaf Seibert <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/18/2000 01:41:30
I built the source of some days ago, and netbooted it on my MicroVAX
2000 with 6M of core. During boot to multiuser, sh gets stuck in an
anonget2 wait state.

Swap is over nfs. I indicated a swap file in the /etc/bootparams file
but it seems this info is not used. Therefore, I first booted to single
user mode, mounted the file system with the swapfile, and swapon'ed it
(swapon didn't seem to understand the host:/path/to/swapfile syntax).

At some point, the multiuser boot got stuck. ^T showed a sh in
[anonget2] state. I determined it was in the rc.d/rpcbind script. I
turned it off, and retried. Then the same happened to ps in the
rc.d/nfslocking script.

Interrupting the process "works", but soon another sh gets stuck in
[wait] and then more interrupts have no more effect.

I thought I configured ddb but a BREAK does not get me into ddb, and the
ddb.fromconsole sysctl = 1.

When I tried the same without swapfile, I actually got past these points
(with the expected error messages due to rpcbind not running).
Eventually processes got killed due to "out of swap". I get to a login
prompt, but login is also killed due to "out of swap".

So, I suppose processes getting into anonget2 wait indefinitely is a

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