Subject: Re: looking inside a mircorvax II
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/17/2000 23:24:53

>This is your problem, that 50-flatcable should connect to a half-height
>card id M7555. Called and RQDX3 in most catalogs. The good news is that
>they are _really_ common. I'd be happy to send you one for the postage cost
>but it is perhaps too expensive from the US. Maybe some of our German or
>Swedish list readers could help out.

If the european reader can start checking for such a card i would be very
thankfull. I don't know if i'm gonna need it. I'll try the local newsgroups
first. When that fails i will try the list.

> > Card 5: two cables to the 8 terminal connection outputs (id M3104)
> This is likely a DHV-11 card, 8 serial ports with silo.  Much better.
> But I did not see it appear on the kernel probe so it may have an
> a-typical CSR setting or something.

What do you mean with this? Can I change some settings to see this in the
kernel probe?

bart (and a happy vax that lives again)