Subject: Re: looking inside a mircorvax II
To: bart sikkes <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/17/2000 16:50:59
bart sikkes wrote:

> I believe it's a BA123 cabinet. It's on 4 wheels, opens on the side and has
> 4 Q/CD, 8 Q/Q slots and a unlabeld slot 13.

Yes, that does sound like a BA123.

> We see three harddisk and a tapestreamer, from the harddisk two flatcable (a
> small one and a wider one) go to a card that is inserted in slot 13. On that
> card is also a 50-flatcable that goes to nowhere.

Okay, so it sounds like all four of the full-height drive bays are filled.
Each hard-drive should have it's own A/B cable set connected to slot 13.

That card in "slot 13" is the RQDX distribution panel.  I actually had to
go take a look inside a BA123 to remember what lived there.

The fact that the 50 pin cable from that goes nowhere is depressing.
That is the cable that I believe is connected to a half-height RQDX3
controller.  Sounds like it is missing.

> In slot 1 and 2 are big cards with a place to put 50-flatcable, these two
> cards are linked together with a 50-flatcable.
> Card 1: has three outputs of which one goes into Card 2 and the other 2 to
> the console connection output on the cabinet

This is the uVAX-II CPU (with 1Mb of on-board memory).

> Card 2: has one output linked with Card 1 and contains a lot! of chips, i
> guess this is a memory Card (id M7609)

Sounds like an MS630-CA memory card - 8Mb in all (based on your 9Mb total
displayed upon boot).

> Card 3: [half card] is a Grant continuity card (id M9047)
> Card 4: [half card] one cable to 4 outputs we don't what to do with (id
> M3106)

This is likely the DZV-11 card, four serial ports.  Not so exciting.

> Card 5: two cables to the 8 terminal connection outputs (id M3104)

This is likely a DHV-11 card, 8 serial ports with silo.  Much better.
But I did not see it appear on the kernel probe so it may have an
a-typical CSR setting or something.

> Card 6a: [half card] ethernetcard
> Card 6b: [half card] tapesteamer controller
> Card 13: All harddisks have two cable going here, a cable going to the
> writeprotect and ready buttons and one cable going out to nowhere
> That was about it, if you guys need more info just say so.
> bart