Subject: looking inside a mircorvax II
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/17/2000 22:32:01

The next part will be rather funny i think. I will try to discribe the
inside of the vax. (i really should need a digital camera :) )

I believe it's a BA123 cabinet. It's on 4 wheels, opens on the side and has
4 Q/CD, 8 Q/Q slots and a unlabeld slot 13.

We see three harddisk and a tapestreamer, from the harddisk two flatcable (a
small one and a wider one) go to a card that is inserted in slot 13. On that
card is also a 50-flatcable that goes to nowhere.

the 4 Q/CD slots are filled and so are slot 5 and 6 of the Q/Q slots.

In slot 1 and 2 are big cards with a place to put 50-flatcable, these two
cards are linked together with a 50-flatcable.

Card 1: has three outputs of which one goes into Card 2 and the other 2 to
the console connection output on the cabinet
Card 2: has one output linked with Card 1 and contains a lot! of chips, i
guess this is a memory Card (id M7609)
Card 3: [half card] is a Grant continuity card (id M9047)
Card 4: [half card] one cable to 4 outputs we don't what to do with (id
Card 5: two cables to the 8 terminal connection outputs (id M3104)
Card 6a: [half card] ethernetcard
Card 6b: [half card] tapesteamer controller
Card 13: All harddisks have two cable going here, a cable going to the
writeprotect and ready buttons and one cable going out to nowhere

That was about it, if you guys need more info just say so.