Subject: Re: more info and questions on the netbooting
To: bart sikkes <>,
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/17/2000 12:39:24
At 09:18 PM 10/17/00 +0200, bart sikkes wrote:
>Here is the requested dmesg, we had to type it over because dmesg doesn't
>work in de boot.ram kernel

[boot script edited out]

One way to capture this info is to use something like HyperTerm on a PC to 
talk to the VAX and then have it capture to diak.

Anyway, there are no disks mentioned in your boot script so I'm guessing 
you don't actually have any.

If there are drives physically in the box and they are attached to a 
controller then either that controller is misconfigured (it isn't showing 
up at the first MSCP controller address) or it isn't functional or (and 
this is most common) it isn't in a valid bus chain.

So several things you have to do:

         first, identify that you have a disk controller in your system.

         second, you have to make sure there are no empty slots between the 
CPU and your disk controller.

         third, verify that the disk controller is jumpered correctly.

I've rescued a few MicroVAXes and a common issue with rescued VAXen is that 
the disposer open's them up, takes out the SCSI interface that was the main 
disk controller and leaves the rest behind (even with RQDX3's and other 
type harddrives)

>Another weird problem we have is the booting. We have to try to boot serval
>times before it works. Most of the time we get:

This also suggests that you have a gap in your bus. Did you determine if 
you have a BA23 or BA123 cabinet? (do you get to the boards from the side 
of the cabinet or the back?) If its a BA23 you've got 3 slots of Q/CD and 
the rest are Q/Q. If its a BA123 then you have 4 slots of Q/CD and then the 
rest Q/Q.