Subject: Re: RZ56 RZ57
To: Carl Lowenstein <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/16/2000 14:26:50
> The internet is your friend.  

Yeah, when you can find the right set of keywords.



key word... theref.

> RZ57 and RZ58 have jumpers to select spinup on power on.


> RZ55 and RZ56 have to be set for power-on spinup by rewriting a bit in
> a mode page.  There are various pieces of software out there named
> RZ55SPINUP but I didn't go looking for them.

My RZ56's are RZ56-E models, and they look straight Micropolis, even
to having the w5 jumper position.  Is that the same as a normal RZ56?
Does it still require the software settings?

Thanks, and sorry for all the idiotic questions... but gotta get something
up and running on the thing.  It is almost there.