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Date: 10/16/2000 10:36:16
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> They are Micropolis drives rebadged for DEC as RZ56 or RZ57.
> The other drives that worked were standard Fujitsu, from Sun machines.
> I have run into this problem before with RZ 5x drives.
> IFF ANYONE HAS the jumper settings (if they exist on these drives)
> for motor-on and power-on spinup, do holler.
> The drives work fine on all my pmax and xx3100 line VAXen, but not
> on Suns or PC's or elsewhere.  Is there some detailed DEC specs
> on the RZ56 and RZ57 drives, somewhere, as to jumper settings, etc?
> Is it software coded?

The internet is your friend.

RZ57 and RZ58 have jumpers to select spinup on power on.

RZ55 and RZ56 have to be set for power-on spinup by rewriting a bit in
a mode page.  There are various pieces of software out there named
RZ55SPINUP but I didn't go looking for them.


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