Subject: VS3100 m30/m38 + monitors + other stuff needing homes
To: None <>
From: Mike Andrews <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/13/2000 18:24:47
A while back (it's been over a year) I posted here about some VS3100 stuff
I wanted to get rid of.  A few people got back to me experessing interest,
then I completely dropped the ball and never got back to any of them.  
(Oops.)  They're still taking up room in my house, so let's try again...

Here's what I'm looking to get rid of:

- a VAXstation 3100/30

- a VAXstation 3100/38

- a NON-working VAXstation 3100/38
  Seems to be bad RAM on the motherboard.

* a NON-working VAXstation 3100/76
  I don't know exactly what's wrong with this one.  With both VMS and
  NetBSD, the system starts to boot up, then crashes after the kernel has
  run and has started running userland stuff...  not always in the same
  All of the SIMMs have been gutted from this and stuck in a 4000/60
  that I'm keeping, so only the onboard memory remains.

- one SPX graphics board

- one GPX graphics board

- VR160 15" color monitor

- VR299 19" color monitor

- two color video cables for the SPX/GPX and VR160/299

- various memory boards for the /30 and /38s.  Enough to get them both to
  32 meg and still have a bit leftover, I believe.

- These are all dual-SCSI machines, not SCSI+MFM, but NO DISKS ARE INCLUDED
  unless you want a 250 MB SCSI disk I have sitting around.  Remember you
  can't boot from a disk over 1 GB with the /30 or /38 anyway...

If you're interested in any of this stuff, drop me an email.

Better yet, if you're in the USA and within a few hours of Lexington, KY,
and want to come pick it up, I'll give it to you for free (or if I drop it
off, for the cost of gas).  Or if you're not, you might be somewhere that
I might wanna visit anyway (i.e. DC/Baltimore area).  Basically I'm trying
to avoid shipping the stuff, especially the VR299 (it's DAMN heavy!!), and
the equipment is more likely to find a useful home here than it would be
on, say, eBay... :)

Mike Andrews (MA12) * *
VP, sysadmin, & network guy, Digital Crescent Inc, Frankfort KY
Dialup/ADSL/ISDN/T1 Internet access for Frankfort KY and surrounding counties If it's not news, it's Fark.  (Or something like that.)