Subject: Re: When it rains VAXen it pours VAXen....(:+}}...
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Erno Palonheimo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/13/2000 19:19:58
NetBSD Bob <> writes:

> It is the dilogic scsi controller.
> How is the formatting supposed to be done?  I don't have any of the
> diagnostic tapes that I can lay hands on, although somewhere I am
> supposed to have one from an MVI.

You must access the scsi controller "console", which can be done in
two ways... The other way involves using the console ribbon cable, and
plugging that onto the 10-pin connector on the scsi card instead of
the usual place at the cpu module (if you have a MicroVAX II, that
is). The way I prefer is to enter some console commands (I don't have
the controller documentation here, but I can dig the commands from
somewhere) and start the onboard diagnostics that way.

> I added a different cable (4 feet long rather than 12 feet long)
> and added in a pair of RZ56's, for some testing.
> The original drive is ID0 and Ultix or NetBSD calls that an RA80.
> The RZ56's are ID1 and ID2, but, they are not recognized by
> Ultrix or by NetBSD.
> The drive lights light up on the boot testing, and it seems that
> the drives spin up OK.  Any ideas what might be problematic in
> not finding the added in drives?  It is close, but no ringers, yet.
> Should I try non-DEC drives, such as Fujis or Maxtors instead?

No, no, no... The problem isn't with your disks. The problem is that
the card is basically a MSCP-to-SCSI "bridge". You have to set up
"unit mapping" by using the "console" software on the card. For
example, you can map SCSI ID's 4 and 5 to be known as DUA0 and DUA1 to
the operating systems and the VMB. The card will report _only_ the
drives with already-configured mappings to the operating systems and
the VMB. (hope that made any sense :-)

> I may see about dredging this up, for writing some floppies.
> It could be a fun diversion.  IFF I run Ultrix32M, I would
> expect to have to round up traditional mfm HD's and controller?

You can use the Dilog card as well, because it does convert SCSI to
MSCP - the card even works on qbus PDP-11 systems because it seems
like a normal MSCP controller to the OS...

--  Erno Palonheimo <> --