Subject: RE: When it rains VAXen it pours VAXen....(:+}}...
To: 'David Brownlee' <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/13/2000 10:42:50
>David Brownlee wrote:

>On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Carlini, Antonio wrote:
>> The onboard 1MB is always used until you reach 16MB of RAM on external
>> boards. Then it gets disabled because the memory controller can only
>> 16MB max.
>	I always understood the onboard ram was used first, followed by
>	additional boards, leavign the last 1MB on the finalk board unused?
>	(An issue only of interest to those with defective RAM :)

I think it actually disables the on-board 1MB but I don't have that 
much technical info about the MicroVAX II so I cannot be absolutely

I'm not even sure whether the console has to work it all out
or whether the hardware handles it itself.

I don't see why it would matter to anyone with or without defective RAM.
My understanding is that the CPU cannot handle RAM any faster than the
200ns it gets over the PMI so onboard RAM runs at the same speed as
off-board RAM. Why does it matter where your dead RAM is physically