Subject: Re: When it rains VAXen it pours VAXen....(:+}}...
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/12/2000 15:14:39
At 01:03 PM 10/12/00 -0400, NetBSD Bob wrote:
>1.  Since it has scsi on it, is it logical to merely format/load
>     a scsi drive from one of my VS3100 crates?  That would seem
>     the easiest way to get it up, reasonably, since no ethernet
>     capability is present on it, just tape.

Not really, it depends on the SCSI controller. If it is a Viking controller 
you're better off having the Viking do the format. However, its harmless to 
try formatting on the 3100 and moving it.

>2.  What is the largest drive size the hardware will handle?

Do you mean the SCSI controller? If so we'd have to know the model. Most 
will handle up to 8G drives (SCSI-2). No limits like there are on the 3100. 
My MVII box has a Emulex UC07 in it that will handle 8G drives.

>3.  How many scsi drives will the thing actually handle?

All SCSI interfaces can handle 7 drives on one string. Some SCSI 
controllers that do both TMSCP and MSCP will "reserve" some targets to be 
tapes. You have to talk to the SCSI controller firmware to figure that out.

>4.  The original 12 foot twisted pair scsi cable only had one connector
>     on it, and when I took it by the local cable monger's shoppe to get
>     extra connectors added, they could not get the wires to line up
>     into the modern 50 pin connectors.  I picked up a modern 4 header
>     scsi cable, and I am assuming that would work correctly at the slow
>     speeds on the MVII bus?

Yes, it will work fine. Are you saying there was 12' of scsi cable wrapped 
up inside the box? Wow.

>5.  What is needed to hook up a second tape drive into the thing?

A controller and a drive. If you're lucky the SCSI controller will control 
a tape drive as well, if you aren't lucky then you could use a second TQK50 
or TQK70 with the appropriate drive at the other end.

>   I have
>     a spare TK50 that I would like to try adding into the machine where
>     the old floppy went, as a secondary tape drive for writing boot tapes.

Then you'll need another TQK50. I can help as I've got about a dozen of them.

>6.  On a lark, what would be needed to hook up a floppy of some sort
>     into the old dual floppy bay?

An RQDX3 + the breakout card + cables + RX50 dual floppy.

>   Would something like that boot the
>     old Ultix-32M boot floppies?


>   Can an ordinary AT drive be used or
>     does it need the original DEC dual floppy thing?

Some models of floppy can emulate the rx33 (TEAC) I believe. info-vax would 
know for sure.

>7.  Anyone got any spare plastic drive trays to fit a MicroVAX II?
>     I could use probably 3 of them.

Contact any number of DEC resellers, tell them you'd like some disk skids. 
Usually they will sell them for $2 - $6 each.

>8.  Anyone got any spare DELQA ethernet cards with the cable and back
>     interconnect panel?


>9.  What is needed to hook up external 9 track reel-reel drives on this
>     critter?  One of my goals is to write some ancient UNIX 9 track boot
>     tapes, if possible.

A interface and a drive. If it is a TMSCP interface it will work with 
NetBSD, if it is a TE16 type then it won't.

>10. I need to make up a regular MMJ to DB9 console cable.  Can someone
>     point me to the pinouts for that?  I thought it went by on the list
>     a few weeks back, but am unable to backtrack to it.  A url is fine,
>     or if it is handy just tack it onto a reply to me.

Go to and type "mmj db9" (no quotes) into the box. That's 
how I always find it.

>11. Since I am short on ram, will a DEC 8 meg ram board from my MV3300
>     work in the MVII?

No. The MV3300 uses MS650 memory and the MVII uses MS630 memory. I've got 
an extra 4MB board you can have if you want.

>   The memory bus cable is there, so if it will work
>     it is just a plug and connect kind of thing.

Yes it is, slide in the card plug it in and your done.

>  If not, anyone got a
>     spare 4 or 8 meg ram board for an MVII?  I am assuming I can add
>     an 8 meg board for 12 or 13 megs total?  Does it shadow the onboard
>     1 meg of ram?

When you get to 16MB (the max) it will shadow the onboard 1MB.

>12. What were the prom commands for the KA630?

Extremely limited, Boot, Unjam, Initialize, Deposit, Examine, and Run

>The machine came with a boatload of VMS manuals (3 big boxes full).
>If anyone in the nearby area (central NC) needs those, they are most
>welcome to come by and pick them up.  To much to ship.

They make fun reading too.

>Thanks for any insights, pointers, etc.....(:+}}...

The interesting thing about your box is the rarest thing it could have is 
the rectangular door that covers the left front buttons. Does it have that