Subject: netbooting hell
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/11/2000 16:24:02

After no real progress, we now have done a giant step backwards :(

As far as we can see we haven't really changed anything but it doesn't work
We do this on the linux bootserver:
start: portmap
start: rpc.mount
start: rpc.nfsd
add arp entry
add rarp entry
type: ifconfig eth1 allmulti
start mopd -a -d
start rpc.bootparamd -d (we know we should use bootpd and/or dhcpd, but with
this it worked a little at first)
start tcpdump -i eth1

On the vax:
type b/100 xqa0
give as bootfile mopboot

And then nothing happens, on tcpdump no packets appear.

After about 10 minutes the following error appears on the vax:
    PC = 00000EE6

Have we missed something or forgotten something? Do we need to compile
certain things in the kernel to get this working?


ps: here some of the files we use, if you find errors please tell me (i'm
using redhat 6.1 so some things may look different from a NetBSD box)

08:00:2b:02:b5:87  vaxclient
00:80:48:b3:20:c3  vaxserver

/etc/hosts           linuxbakje      vaxserver    vaxclient      windoos

rarp -a
IP address       HW type             HW address     10Mbps Ethernet     08:00:2b:02:b5:87

arp -a
[some other hosts that don't matter]
vaxclient ( at 08:00:2B:02:B5:87 [ether] PERM on eth1