Subject: Re: MicroVax II netbooting
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/10/2000 15:33:14
Isn't the bootparamd the same as bootp ?

And if we use the BOOTP do we still need bootparamd? This is all new to me
now, because the HOWTO said we had to use the bootparamd and said nothing
about BOOTP. But that was a HOWTO that used files from NetBSD-1.3.2.


>> verions mopd: 2.5.3
>> version bootparamd: 1.0.1 (i think)
>> version nfs: 2.2 beta 47
>If you use DHCPD then you may need to manually add a:
># route add netmask dev eth0
>to get it to respond to DHCP/BOOTP requests properly (depends a bit
>on the version of DHCPD).
> Bye, Arno.