Subject: Re: question about netbooting a microvax II
To: Rink Springer <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/09/2000 12:57:31
> > I type:
> > >>> b/100 esa0

Never work.  Try B/100 XQA0/

> I think the box doesn't know the  ESA0 device... have you tried SHOW DEVICES
> yet?

Show devices on a MVII will yeild nothing, that is a MV2000/3100ism.
The MVII has far less rom than it's later followers and only knows a
limited set of things it can do...VERY limited.

it can boot a specific file, Eprom (if present), an MSCP disk/tape or
DELQA/DELNI eithernet NIC.