Subject: Re: VAXstation 4000 -- some questions
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/08/2000 19:21:28
On  6 Oct, Sebastian Marius Kirsch wrote:

> ?? 001   2     LCSPX  0512
The machine is complaining about a not connected monitor. :-)

> ?? 000   8       SYS  0512
I don't know. My machine and the machines of some friends (Hi Michael
and Bertram) are reporting the same error. I saw this error after the
first time the machine was running NetBSD. Perhaps NetBSD does some
nasty things to the NVRAM? 

> Apparently, Linux decides to clear its ARP cache during the transfer,
> and the VAX does not properly reply to ARP requests during that
> time. Any ideas how I can solve this problem? 
You can mark the arp record permanent. 

> (mostly, because I couldn't find the
> system sources for 1.5_ALPHA ...) 
They are in the cvs repository. Get CVS installed from pkgsrc and check
out the revision you like via anoncvs. Or get a copy of my mirrored
repository next weekend at the meeting. :-)