Subject: What is VAX DECsystem 5400 - V60S-A2 box?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/04/2000 16:10:32
I have found a VAX DECsystem 5400 machine in a BA-213? cabinet.
It is the cabinet about twice as wide as my MV3300 cabinet.
The label badge says V50S-A2 on it, if that helps ID it any.
It appears to be scsi and the CPU was unmarked, as to KA or whatever,
but it covered about 5 or 6 slot widths, and had a graphics output
port for the usual 3 BNC connectors.  Is something like this
usable on NetBSD?  Sadly, my MV3300 is mostly not, but maybe this
critter might be?

Also, in the pile with the VAX was a DEC 11T23 badged rack with
a pair of Cipher M995 tape drives.  Will NetBSD support these
things (they seem to have come in with the VAX)?  I would love
to get some 9 track capability.  For that matter, could the
machine run/boot standard 4.xBSD tapes?  I would expect it is
too new for that, but the dates seem to be 1990.

Any insights are appreciated.