Subject: Re: VS3100m38 oddities.
To: Erno Palonheimo <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/02/2000 15:51:59
If the systems don't have any internal disks, there may not be a large
enough load on the power supply for it to operate correctly.  Try plugging
in a SCSI hard drive... or actually any drive.  It doesn't have to work in
the system.  It only needs to generate an electrical load.


On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Erno Palonheimo wrote:

> I've recently acquired a pile of VS3100m38 machines. Do these things
> usually die? Some of my machines (two, to this date) have just
> mysteriously stopped working. One of them simply refuses to start,
> i.e. the fans don't spin up, the leds don't light up, etc. The other
> one powers up fine, but fails during self-tests... It goes through the
> usual self-test cycle until step B, where it hangs for a long time,
> and after that it quickly prints rest of the self-test letters and
> reports error code 0101.0101 with every self-test. What could be
> causing this? 
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