Subject: VS3100 Won't boot 1.4.2 after installation
To: None <>
From: Scott Horton <>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/01/2000 01:34:07
This question has actually been asked before in this list, but no answer was
ever posted.  I've picked up a VS3100/M76 w/24 Mb RAM, and have been having
a blast trying to make it work.  So far, these successes:  Installed RZ28
for disk space, got it to boot the original VMS, which died for lack of
licenses, and switched S3 for full serial console, which works fine.  I have
an old Pioneer 6-disk CD Changer, which works great, sitting at SCSI ID 0.
Shows up as DKA0 (and DKA1 through DKA5 for the other disks in the
magazine - I'm impressed!).  I was able to download an .ISO image and burn
it to CD, the VS3100 boots this from the Pioneer just great.  Went through
the full installation onto the 2Gb disk - no problems.  Rebooted - and it
died.  It will pull the bootloader from the disk (DKA100), counts down, says
'>boot netbsd' - and that's all she wrote.  I can still boot from the CD,
and then mount the partitions on the disk without problems;  manually
configure ethernet and FTP to my heart's content.  I've downloaded several
copies of the NetBSD Kernel, to no avail.  'netbsd' - 'netbsd-ram' and
'netbsd-generic' all fail in exactly the same way.  If I could figure out
how to yank the kernel out of the boot image on the CD I think I'd be

Anyway - the question is - what's up with that?  I *know* the machine will
run it - I've been reading port-vax archives for three days now.  It runs
the kernel from the CD just great - it just won't run any kernel I've been
able to find from the disk. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?  Or how
to yank the kernel that's booting from the CD and appears to work just fine?

Thanks in advance for any advice - and pardon the maunderings of a VAX
newbie / BSD newbie.

(PS - at the same auction, I got a DECStation 5000/240 - that's my next
project, once I get a keyboard and mouse for it)


Scott Horton
111 E. Forest Ave
Columbia, MO 65203