Subject: Re: LN03 printers... any good for an old MicroVAX 3300?
To: None <>
From: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/26/2000 14:19:21
On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 wrote:

> Clint
> > It is my experience the LN03 classic is useless for anything short
> > of text output. It uses lots of embedded control characters to select
> > fonts and graphics, and is different from any printer nowdays.
> Actually it uses a modified set of VT100-like codes, so you can make a 
> screendump of a vt100 (or newer) and it looks the same, including character 
> attributes and line graphics.

Modified and modified...
The LN03 supports the ANSI escape sequences, just like the VT100 does.
It's just that some sequences don't make sense on a CRT, and some dont
make sense on paper (try the blinking attribute for one. :-).

In addition to this, the LN03 supports sixel graphics, just like the
graphical terminals in the VT series, and it also supports software
loadable fonts, some built in fonts, and you can plug in font cartridges
into it.


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