Subject: Re: VS3100/M76 dead scsi-B port?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 16:21:21
> NetBSD Bob writes:
> > I was working on a VS3100/M76 SPX that a friend threw my way.
> [...]
> > with 3 internal drives on the A bus and 6 externals on the B bus,
> Did you check/set the controller's SCSI-ID ("SHOW SCSI"/"SET SCSI")
> making sure the controller's ID isn't occupied by some SCSI-device?

Yes, the 3 internal were 0/1/2, and the test externals were 0/1/2/3
and the CD on 4, so far.  That should have avoided the controller at
7.  It would not run a pair of external drives on B/0 and B/1, or
the CD at B/4, together or individually.  Yet, the prom recognized
them on show dev.  Is there anything in the internal cabling of the
B bus that I should look at?  I have not pulled the drive mount plate
off the machine to see what was underneath, but maybe I need to do
that or check for any loose bits near the external port connector?