Subject: Re: About critters...
To: None <>
From: Pierre-Michel Ricordel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 22:05:01
> At 08:33 PM 9/25/00 +0200, Pierre-Michel Ricordel wrote:
> >I am also very curious to know the exact functions of these switch.
> >On my VAXserver 4000/200 I have the same thingies.
> Hello Pierre-Michel, these are documented on the web but a quick google
> search didn't turn them up. Sigh, I'll look them up when I get home and
> post them. Perhaps abs can put them up on the FAQ somewhere.

Yes. I also searched for it without success. It would be nice also if
someone would find some explanations about the meaning of the
alphanumeric codes displayed on the led display, and put it on the FAQ.

> Oh-boy, you could help me out big time here. Your system has DSSI drives?

yup! Three RF31 (one broken)

> Is there a board installed to the right of the CPU card just before the
> power supply? (it hides behind a metal plate that is one board wide and
> screwed at the top and bottom) I am _seriously_ in need of the DEC part
> number for the cable that goes from the CPU's DSSI interface (50 pin
> connector beside the memory connector) to the card that is hiding behind
> that metal cover (it's numbered M9715). The cable has a high density
> connector on the other end. If you have that cable in your VAX and could
> get me the part number, I can get my 4000/200 up and running with its DSSI
> drives.

I found my M9715 hidden behind the metal plate. Unfortunately (and
I could not find any cable plugged on the M9715. There is a connector on it,
but no cable. Rather strange. This VAX boots VMS happily on the DSSI drives.
So it does not need it apparently.
I am also able to netboot NetBSD on it.

Brief summary of the hardware :
VAXserver 4000/200
CPU cards (KA660) : M7622 M7626
Interface card    : M9715
Tape card (TQK70) : M7559
SCSI card (KZQSA) : M5976
One TK70 tape reader and three RF31 DSSI disks.

> That will certainly help my efforts in getting DSSI running on these

Maybe I am missing something, but you should be able to use DSSI without
this cable.
Of course, NetBSD still doesn't support DSSI yet.