Subject: Re: LN03 printers... any good for an old MicroVAX 3300?
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 15:55:29
> >I noticed out in the surplus pit this week, a couple of LN03 printers
> >(the DEC laserjet things).  What exactly are these, and are they likely
> >to be usable on NetBSD with a MicroVAX 3300?  Are parts/toners, etc.,
> >available or should I opt for an apple postscript kind of printer?
> Get a Lexmark Optra E310.  The LN03 is not postscript, the LN03R is.
Ahh, that is the number I need to look out for.  The things may only
cost me about 5-10 bucks each, so, IFF it were the LN03R model, should
that run up reasonably well with things like Groff on the VAX in NetBSD?
Or, should I avoid the LN03R because of other peculiarities?

Apparently a boatload of minor VAX stuff is popping up surplus from
our Housing department.  My expectation is that it all should be in
perfectly fine shape, since they probably just unplugged it and let
it set for a few months in storage then surplussed it.  The PC geeks
that hound the surplus pit are looking only for Dells and Pentiums
and Sparcs, so VAXen stuff usually sits orphan, until I get there
and peruse it.....(:+}}...

That E310 looks interesting, but at 400 bucks a pop, that will break
my VAX beer kitty.