Subject: VS3100/M76 dead scsi-B port?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 14:55:13
I was working on a VS3100/M76 SPX that a friend threw my way.
The internal scsi-A bus works fine, and I have 3 drives set up
there.  But, I can't get anything to come out the scsi-B external
port.  Show dev read the devices on the port, but nothing I can
do talks to them, yet.  Test 75 does nothing, trying to boot a CD
does nothing, changing cables does nothing, changing external drive
boxes does nothing, changing external drives does nothing..... etc.

Anyone have any ideas as to what might be problematic here?  I hope
I don't have something as bad as a blown scsi port.  Does the SPX
label on the front (graphics capability?) have anything to do with
it (I would not offhand think so)?  Are there any fuselinks to check
somewhere, or anything like that?  I was hoping to set the box up
with 3 internal drives on the A bus and 6 externals on the B bus,
for lots of developmental play space.  Alas, a dead B bus would
be the pits.....(:+{{...