Subject: Re: About critters...
To: Pierre-Michel Ricordel <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 11:37:35
At 08:33 PM 9/25/2000 +0200, Pierre-Michel Ricordel wrote:
>NetBSD Bob says :
> > Can someone reiterate what the various switch positions on that
> > little patch panel actually do?  There is the 3 position thing at the
> > top, a 2 position thing to the side, and then the ethernet switch.
> > For normal use, what should the positions of the 3 position thing be,
> > and what if any on the circle and circle/dot thing be?
> >
> > One of these days, I will find a manual for these critters.....(:+{{...
>I am also very curious to know the exact functions of these switch.
>On my VAXserver 4000/200 I have the same thingies. I am also still
>wondering the meaning of the three connectors on my power supply, labelled
>MO, SI and SO. They look like RJ45 at first, but are very different when
>you look closer.
>Another big mistery for me is the metal piece with a big yellow /!\ sticker,
>that prevent pressing a button on the PSU when the power is plugged.

These allow external DSSI devices to be started in sequence as to not
provide a power surge.

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